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Making friends.

Well, we have had one very tempestuous afternoon. The ultimate #mumfail has to be when you are simply unable to stop your little one crying. I have spent the last hour trying everything to calm this wild one down, but nothing worked. In fact, anything and everything I did made him worse.

Making up

We got into the bath... ‘Out, out, out!’ he screamed, while pointing at the door. We suffered the water less than a minute and as soon as we were out, I nearly lost my towel in front of the Amazon man. (I didn’t know he was still outside the door when I opened it).

Fast forward a bit and I ended up sitting in the bathroom to B R E A T H E, then Joey shut the door on me. It was just as well, I think we needed our own space. He sat crying behind the door for five minutes while I was almost crying on the other side.

Eventually, Joey calmed himself down. I still don’t know why he was crying but whatever it was, I think he ran out of energy.

But the best bit about falling out was definitely making up - a warm hug and ‘mamaaa’, before cuddling up and watching Peppa Pig with a shortbread biscuit - something that did NOT work during the aforementioned episode. #tiredeyes #cryingforanhour#maybecryingfornoreason #makingup#fallingout #peppapig #shortbreadbiscuits#mum #mumlife #mumsofinstagram#realifemama #parenting #motherhood#motherhoodunplugged #toddlerspam#instamum #toddlerlife#toddlersofinstagram

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