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Go on, love yourself.

Quoting BoPo warrior Fran Hayden: ‘I am proud to be a woman... I am proud to support my fellow women. I am honoured to exist in the same space as these absolute badasses.’

Big and Beautiful

Not so long ago, I worked with the wonderful @franhayden to help promote her positive sense of self. She surmised that whether you’re fat, thin or somewhere in the middle, you shouldn’t attack yourself - or others - on appearance.

I want to celebrate Fran’s outlook in simply loving the way we look. This of course includes new mums. Are you beating yourself up because your body hasn’t snapped back to its pre-pregnancy size? Stop. You just created and gave birth to a human being. An actual human being!

I’m not sure Justin Bieber meant it in the same way that I and Fran are promoting, but heed his words and #loveyourself just that little bit more. Be proud. • #BoPowarrior #bodypositive #bekind#beproud #journalism #writer #pickmeup#mum #mumlife #mumsofinstagram#realifemama #parenting #motherhood#motherhoodunplugged #toddlerspam#instamum #toddlerlife#toddlersofinstagram

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