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It's the small things.

I love how small things make small people so happy. This miniature cup of warm frothy milk had its owner slurping and grinning for a good ten minutes...

Babychino: Happy Baby

I wonder exactly when it all changes. When we start taking the small things for granted, probably because we have much bigger things to worry about.

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to step into your child’s mind and look at the world through their eyes for a day? I would. And during my stay, I’d also aim to work out the following:

• What the deal is with the seemingly harmless changing unit and why it fills with me rage to have someone kindly change my nappy.

• Why, when a spoonful of pink liquid is offered to me to help my teeth pain / cold / headache, my mouth clamps shut with more force than a Venus flytrap on steroids.

• And why when I’m lowered into a comfortable car seat that fits snugly around my body with its own padded headrest and reclining function, I scream and arch my back so severely it’s as though I’ve sat on a pile of burning hot coals.

- - -

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