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'Appy New Year

It may be the third of January but today is the start of my New Year. Thank you @wellsid79 for the inspirational calendar by @gretchenrubinand my @anthropologie notebook.

This year, I'm not making the usual New Year resolutions like - eat less, drink less etc. I am happy to eat what I like, within reason, and I don't think anyone with a toddler who is into EVERYTHING could possibly be successful completing dry January. Instead, I am choosing to:

1. Look after myself more - this means just taking a little bit of time out to myself to do something that makes me feel normal again. It could be reading a few chapters of a book, going out with the little one for a manicure, or spending time on my non-existent cleanse, tone and moisturise regime.

2. I really feel 2018 is the year to add a new chapter to my career in journalism. As well as writing regularly on this blog, I want to develop my writing in one way or another. I just haven't decided exactly how yet. So watch this space.

Not a resolution, but I've also decided to spend a bit more time on my Instagram posts, much to my husband's dismay I'm sure. Cue comments such as: 'Get off your phone', 'You're always on your phone', and 'You love your phone more than me'. It's easy to spend time procrastinating on apps though isn't it?

'Appy New Year

Going back to my new Gretchen Rubin (expert in making life happier) desk calendar - in the hope of easing my general anxiety and mum-anxiety, I went along to one of her talks with my sister, in which she explained her new concept (Gretchen, not my sister).

GR believes that the population is divided into four camps, the Upholders, the Obligers, the Questioners and the Rebels. Depending on which tendency you are, you can help yourself meet inner expectations by changing the way you think and make decisions.

I am an Obliger - the most common of the tendencies - someone who readily meets outer expectations but has trouble making room for the things on your own to-do list. So instead of writing my blog or expanding my career, I will help out my husband with his business and website first, before doing my own. Generous and kind you say? Perhaps, but I end up having to sacrifice my own time, work and success, making me unhappy.

Gretchen suggests the key for obligers to meet their expectations is: outer-accountability. For example, I would give up on doing exercise if it was just for myself, but I could stick to it by booking appointments with a trainer or by making plans with a running partner who I didn't want to disappoint.

I find GR's theory so interesting; she is definitely onto something. You can find out which tendency you are by taking her quiz below, let me know how you get on!

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