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Shame on you for BUMP-SHAMING!

We’re all used to seeing the reams of unrealistic photos of women in the media - and I find now mostly on Instagram - who ping back to normal after having a baby, making us feel like crap when it doesn’t that quickly - or at all - for us. But I bet you’ve not only felt self-conscious about your body after giving birth, but when you were pregnant too...

Bump-shaming magazine feature

I worked with @channelmum to write a feature about the reality of ‘bump-shaming’. The average mum suffers 10 verbal slurs while pregnant, with the majority being told they are ‘too fat’, and a third being told their bump is ‘too small’. Melinda Nicci @mel_baby2body is the owner of Baby2Body @baby2bodyofficial, a company that helps pregnant women and new mums stay healthy and body confident. She says this negativity can be incredibly damaging to self esteem, anxiety-inducing and can increase stress levels during pregnancy. It’s time people considered the impact of a jokey comment before they say it. Stop the bump-shaming! ✋🏻 #bumpshaming #pregnancy#expectantmums #anxiety #health#journalism #writing #takeabreakmagazine#mums #mumlife #mumsofinstagram#realifemama #parenting #motherhood#motherhoodunplugged #toddlerspam#instamum #toddlerlife#toddlersofinstagram

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