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Is it just me, or are you a completely different person when your children are sleeping too?! I can be tearing my hair out all morning, trying to stop my son whingeing / climbing onto the dining table / drawing on the kitchen floor, but the moment I put him down for his lunchtime nap and I see him sleeping peacefully on the baby monitor, it’s as though I instantly revert to my pre-baby self...

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I am calmer, happier and even feel random bursts of love for my husband. Cue a text from me: ‘Thanks so much for cooking dinner last night x’ - Hilarious! Woe betide if my son has a ‘crap nap’ and wakes before the 40 minute mark. If I haven’t had a chance to tidy up, make a coffee or finish that copy I was writing, I’m back in mum anxiety mode. Those golden naps of theirs are like little mental health boosters for parents aren’t they? Amazing what a little time to yourself can do, to help restore your depleted energy levels and B R E A T H E. Gushy disclaimer* Don't get me wrong, even with the anxiety, I wouldn’t change a thing. Being a mum is tough but it ROCKS. #napsaregolden #mumanxiety#napanxiety #mum #mumlife#mumsofinstagram #realifemama#parenting #motherhood#motherhoodunplugged #toddlerspam#instamum #toddlerlife#toddlersofinstagram

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